Get Paid To Do Surveys For Web Perspectives

Web Perspectives is a great survey site that gives many paid surveys to Canadians. They are a Toronto based company that has been around for 10 years now and currently boasts their Canadian panel to be at 400000 members.

If you have done paid surveys before then you know that some surveys are poorly put together and require that the survey taker take much more time than should be required. This can be caused by having 20 questions per page with 50 pages, or requiring lots of typed answers. Having 10 years of experience, Web Perspectives has done an excellent job in weeding these long and boring surveys out.

I really enjoy doing surveys for these guys. They send me on average 10 surveys each month, of which I qualify for roughly 75%. The surveys are fun to do and usually very user friendly and do not take large amounts of time to complete.

When you complete surveys will be rewarded points. Each survey on average rewards you from 300 - 500 points. Cashout is at 1000 points and can be exchanged for cash through Paypal, gift certificates or donations. Registering also automatically enters you into their quarterly sweepstakes for $2000 cash paid by cheque.

Web Perspectives has a very diverse rewards program. You can exchange your points many different things.

PayPal – Redeem 1000 points to transfer $10 into your PayPal account.

Chapters/Indigo – Use 1000 points to claim a $10 gift certificate to purchase books, DVD’s, I-pods, etc

Puretracks - Redeem 1000 points for $10 worth of music downloads.

Cineplex Theaters – Redeem 1000 points for a free movie ticket valid at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre.

Golf Town – Use 1000 points to claim a $10 gift certificate to purchase sporting goods or apparel.

The Canadian Cancer Society – Donate your reward to a good cause and help other Canadians. You will also receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Air Miles Reward Miles - Redeem 1000 points to claim 50 AIR MILES reward miles.

One thing I should say is that it took a week to get my first survey, so be patient if you do not get one right away. Once they do start though, you are going to get quite a few surveys to do. As usual, all surveys are voluntary and you will not be penalized if you choose not to participate in these paid surveys.

Join Web Perspectives Today and get paid to take online surveys.

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