Canada Survey Panel Review

Looking for a Canada Survey Panel review?

Canada Survey Panel is website that claims to offer paid surveys for Canadians to complete in exchange for cash. They are located in BC Canada and only accept Canadians as members.

Their sign up process is very short, only requiring you enter you name, email address, birth date, postal code, language and gender. Registration will take less than two minutes.Once you fill out the form you will be sent a confirmation email. Confirm and you are now a member.

Canada Survey Panel Rewards Program

CSP does not have its own rewards program. You are paid by each individual survey company with their own form of payment.

Canada Survey Panel Surveys

This is where I think that CSP is a little shady because they do not actually send you any surveys themselves. They will send you emails inviting you to join other paid survey companies so you can complete surveys for them. Their angle on it is that they get a referral fee every time you sign up with a new company.

If you are familiar with survey companies you know that some of the larger ones offer their members with websites surveys to offer their own visitors. If you complete these surveys they email you, the company who serves the survey will reward the survey taker on their own website and form of payment (points, draw entries) while paying for having had the survey completed through one of their emails.

The one great thing about these guys is that you will get more surveys for each company that you are already signed up with. For example, if you are already a member of a survey company such as Opinion Outpost and complete all of the surveys on your dashboard, Canada Survey Panel could then send you another survey hosted by the outpost. You would get closer to your cash out but the survey will never be worth as much.

CPS's referral rate has to come from somewhere, right? 


You can make more money from individual survey sites by receiving extra surveys.
First to learn of new paid survey sites for Canadians


You will not get any payment from CSP
Canada Survey Panels is basically just a referral site

Final Judgment

CSP is great for new people who do not know too much about surveys or where to go to start doing paid surveys with legitimate companies. If you are familiar with surveys and are already signed up to many companies then you may want to skip CSP. Chances are you will already have a free account with the companies they refer you to.

I hope this Canada Survey Panel review has helped you.

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